What Can Businesses do to Enhance their Online Security?

by Nick Evans | Aug 29, 2018 | Articles

The big companies like Google and McAfee like bandying around scary statistics because it suits their particular business message.  However, if we take a deeper dive into these statistics we can see that the actual likelihood of your business suffering a cyber-attack is a fraction of a percentage in real terms with most of these avoided if you just install updates on your devices in a timely manner.  There are some shocking statistics around relating to installing patches and updates.  I recently came across a statistic that stated that up to 64% of people never install updates on their mobile phone for instance. If we look at the effects of Wannacry, a ransomware attack that cost the NHS millions, this was only successful because organisations had not installed software updates and patches when prompted.

So my advice is to make sure your organisation implements an update policy across devices and software applications in a timely manner. Stay safe, stay secure!


Contribution by Dr Debbie Garside for Business News Wales: https://businessnewswales.com/what-can-business-do-to-enhance-their-online-security/