The Wales Tech 35, 2018: 35 firms at the cutting edge of innovation and technology

by Nick Evans | Nov 23, 2018 | Articles

Innovation can be found far beyond just companies in software and hardware, but in a wide range of sectors including advanced manufacturing, life sciences and financial services.

And here are 35 great tech focused firms in Wales, from established companies going through new exciting technology-driven growth phases to high-growth potential start-ups.


Cardiff-based GeoLang is software development company specialising in the cyber security and business resilience market.

It offer users advanced, content-aware information management solutions, to help businesses and organisations manage and protect its sensitive and high-value information across all data networks.

Established by its chief executive Dr Debbie Garside, it was acquired earlier this year by Alternative Investment Market listed Shearwater Group; a deal which provides the business with more financial muscle to growth.


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