Team GeoLang Releases Geolang Data Discovery 2.4

by Nick Evans | Aug 13, 2019 | GeoLang News

Team GeoLang is delighted to announce that the latest version of Geolang Data Discovery software – with brand new features including its dynamic Hero Report – is now available for licencing and procurement.

Dr Debbie Garside, CEO of GeoLang and Chief Innovation Scientist for Shearwater Group, tells us why this release is so important.

“As data becomes increasingly vital to our society and business — with more people than ever before accessing and storing files across a multitude of networks and cloud repositories— key questions continue to be raised as to the security and whereabouts of our critical information:

  • “What sensitive information do I have?”
  • “Who uses this information?”
  • “Where exactly is my sensitive information stored?”

“Our latest Data Discovery tool — part of our award-winning Ascema Data Security suite — can accurately identify sensitive data most at risk to exposure. It searches for specific content, including Personally Identifiable (PII) and Payment Card Industry (PCI) information; as well as being able to detect highly structured data patterns to support Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs), and to identify GDPR and HIPAA-related information. It then proactively protects it.

“The new Hero Report feature presents organisations with a detailed overview of their data, their current risk profile, and how much of that risk has been mitigated. It also highlights what types of sensitive data have been discovered, the location of that data — including key risk areas and device types — and estimates the value of sensitive data discovered across locations. All of this is summarised in an elegant reporting format, ideal for Board level audiences. The Hero Report also helps Data Protection Officers (DPOs) to produce a detailed risk mitigation summary, to discern the current risk exposure — capturing if and howthe risk has been resolved — to help meet data privacy standards and support regulatory compliance.

“Additional capabilities within Geolang Data Discovery version 2.4 include a unique audit component to record all significant events to an external tool (such as Splunk), as well as being able to search remote networking drives to help support network-attached storage. The release also comprises several performance optimisations and user interface (UI) enhancements.

“We are excited to release the latest version of Geolang Data Discovery, building upon the strengths of previous versions. In particular we feel the introduction of our ground-breaking Hero Report capability showcases our continued commitment to customer value, user experience, and rapid, agile development in the data discovery and security field.”

Click here to view a sample of the new Hero Report.

You can also download a free 30-day trial of Geolang Data Discovery solution here.