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GeoLang Data Discovery System Requirements

GeoLang Manager

GeoLang Manager

This provides a user interface to manage Search Tasks, Devices, Users, Licence and other areas of GeoLang Data Discovery, and is shipped as an .exe file. The minimum requirements for this are:

– Windows 7+ Machine
– 8GB of memory (minimum
– 2 CPU
– The latest versions of Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer

GeoLang Manager

GeoLang Endpoint Agent

This should be installed on each of the monitored endpoints and is available for Windows (.msi), Mac (.pkg) and Linux (.rpm, .deb.) Windows agents can be deployed on Windows Server 2012+ to search file servers and .msi files can be deployed using tools such as GP and SCCM.

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GeoLang Data Discovery FAQ

In order to give you the best experience possible, we have created a page for all technical questions regarding GeoLang Data Discovery – which you can find here.

If you still can’t find an answer, please fill in a support request and someone from Team GeoLang will get back to you!

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