Ninety per cent of cyber data breaches happen due to “accidental insiders” – Debbie Garside

by Nick Evans | Feb 04, 2017 | Articles

High value and sensitive data loss and theft are mostly done by a category of people called accidental insiders rather than malicious or opportunistic insiders, and the former’s identity is not hidden like that of a malicious insider. Almost 90% of sensitive data and information (Intellectual Property) is breached and stolen in this manner, said Debbie Garside, CEO of GeoLang, a cyber security company which was awarded the title of “UK’s Most Innovative Small Cyber Security Company 2015.”

While the malicious insider steals data with intention and hides his or her identity, the other two categories, namely the opportunistic insider and the accidental insider, do not hide their identities, and of these two the accidental insider become the instrument of data breaches rather unwittingly, like copying and pasting sensitive information without realising its repercussions.

Debbie, who was in Coimbatore recently, spoke to Covai Post and elaborated upon Geolang’s unique ability to protect an organisation’s high value, highly sensitive information in the cloud and on a given company’s premise infrastructure.

Talking about Geolang’s Ascema solution, which has a unique approach to protecting core content, Debbie said that unlike traditional Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions that focus on file level protection of the most valuable information assets (documents with Intellectual Property), Ascema is seen as an Information Access Security Broker as it protects information of not just files and connects to a variety of disparate enterprise systems,” Debbie said.

“Our patented algorithm enables language agnostic fingerprinting, indexing and matching of content across the enterprise enabling one to monitor data streams and egress point to ensure that information assets are accessed, shared and collaborated on appropriately. Ascema will intervene at the prescribed level to track, alert, block, or quarantine the content in line with your information management policy and classification schema,” she added.

Debbie was part of the “Best of British” industry entourage that accompanied British Prime Minister Theresa May on the first bi-lateral trade mission to India in November last.


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