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The retail sector relies on reputation and ease of service for customers – whether within high street or on-line stores. With store cards and rewards systems increasingly seen as the tools to secure customer and brand loyalty, the wealth of personal data collected is increasing year on year.

After repeated cyber attacks reported over the past few years and the ever-looming EU General Data Protection Regulation due to come into force in 2018, the retail sector is under pressure to mitigate the risks posed by significant monetary penalties in the event of a data breach.

Insider threat is now considered one of the top three cyber security threats facing industry today and it is widely recognised as unrealistic to expect employees to make the right decisions every time. Whether the insider threat is malicious, opportunist malicious or genuine human error which reportedly accounts for 96% of the risk, there is an increasing need to identify, classify, detect, protect, remediate and report on personal customer and HR data as it flows around the enterprise in real time.

“GeoLang’s Data Discovery platform identifies and locates your PII and PCI easily and simply – providing you with a powerful audit and compliance capability linked to real time insider threat remediation.”

Next generation data discovery solutions from GeoLang

GeoLang’s suite of innovative solutions delivers an audit and compliance tool that can be simply deployed to identify where customer and employee data resides on your systems. Supported by next generation automated classification, data discovery and data loss prevention capability, GeoLang Data Discovery seamlessly and transparently, provides real time remediation on personally identifiable information (PII) and PCI whilst also including behavioural analysis to support remediation against insider threat where other tools fail.

GeoLang provides the retail sector unprecedented cloud enablement technologies – making sure highly sensitive customer documentation is either locked down in on premise enterprise servers or located and protected within cloud environments – making sure you are in control of your sensitive data, know where it resides and who has access to it – thus mitigating the current risks posed by insider threat and audit and compliance gaps. Simple tools for servicing subject access requests and eDiscovery requirements augment automated classification and real time DLP solutions.

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