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From engineering to automotive, the manufacturing industry is highly dependent on the protection of its high value and sensitive intellectual property. Disparate legacy systems and an increasingly mobile workforce has seen a surge in the digital transition of this sector towards cloud platforms that support the necessary information sharing with today’s supply chains – often leaving the enterprise with no real insight or control on where high value information resides or who has access to it.

Often contained within request for quotation and patent documents, it is imperative that employees receive automated assistance in the detection and protection of this high value data – making sure it is either shared appropriately or locked down. Ensuring key underlying intellectual property, such as contained within patent applications, remains on premise is paramount in transitioning to and enabling the safe sharing in cloud collaboration platforms that underpins today’s supply chain interactions.

Insider threat is now considered one of the top three cyber security threats facing industry today and it is widely recognised as unrealistic to expect employees to make the right decisions every time. Whether the insider threat is malicious, opportunist malicious or genuine human error which reportedly accounts for 96% of the risk, there is an increasing need to identify, classify, detect, protect, remediate and report on high value and sensitive data as it flows around the enterprise in real time.

“GeoLang’s Data Discovery solution automatically protects high value data as it flows around the enterprise, in the cloud, or on premise – enabling safe sharing of data, supporting supply chain interaction.”

Next generation data discovery solutions from GeoLang

GeoLang’s suite of innovative solutions delivers next generation automated classification, data discovery and data loss prevention capability, seamlessly and transparently, with the unique ability to provide real time remediation and behavioural analysis on classified or unstructured content where other tools fail – whilst also augmenting legacy security solutions if required.

GeoLang provides the manufacturing sector unprecedented cloud enablement technologies – making sure highly sensitive information is either locked down in on premise enterprise servers or enabled for cloud collaboration environments as required, with real time remediation capability and insider threat visibility – making sure you are in control of your sensitive data, know where it resides and who has access to it – thus mitigating the current risks to market sensitive e information and enterprise crown jewels.

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