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Data protection is a major concern for law firms and the legal sector, as it handles substantial amounts of sensitive client data. From details relating to protected witnesses, patent applications, mergers and acquisitions, to financial negotiations and pending litigations, it is this rich data that makes data protection a priority.

Your employees and staff are entrusted with highly sensitive data, but how do you properly vet them and their interactions? Can you guarantee that they will not expose data inadvertently, or deliberately contravene correct process? What if they themselves are targeted by phishing emails requesting information? Insider threat is impossible to fully predict, and will remain a problem that only GeoLang Data Discovery’s automated and intelligent solutions can address.

“Being able to remediate on insider threat in real time means you maintain control of your high value and sensitive data – increasing customer confidence.”

Next generation data discovery solutions from GeoLang

Reputational damage to a law firm leads to a loss in trust that jeopardises client relationships and harms customer acquisition. In the light of high-trust position that law firms operate in, data loss prevention has quickly become a critical issue.

Investment in GeoLang Data Discovery’s innovative fingerprinting technology and automated classification supported by powerful machine learning allows law firms to demonstrate a serious data loss prevention strategy in line with client expectations, and increases confidence in their resilience and ability to defend against insider threat which represents 96% of all data breaches.

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