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Government, Defence and Aerospace

Government, Defence and Aerospace Data Security

Governments, defence and aerospace sector face specific problems in protecting highly sensitive data across tiered and sometimes air gapped environments.

Insider threat is persistent. Edward Snowden proved that even the most stringently defended organizations in the world are vulnerable. The reality is that you cannot rely on staff or contractors to make the right decision, every time. Non-malicious, legitimate employees can also be dangerous.

“Protecting classified data across information exchange gateways and air gapped environments is a powerful solution.”

Next generation data discovery solutions from GeoLang

GeoLang Data Discovery’s powerful machine learning and fingerprinting algorithms ensure that we can track, trace and remediate on highly sensitive data in real time as it flows through the enterprise systems – without sharing the secret to find the secret. Ensuring air gapped data has not been leaked across information exchange gateways in real time is a must and the ability to not only catch but remediate on in-progress threats, before they do damage, is a unique GeoLang Data Discovery quality.

With our unique heritage in both US and UK government intelligence – our military grade algorithms offer a powerful real-time solution to the age old problem of insider threat as it has moved into the digital age.

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