GeoLang Partners With Alfresco

by Nick Evans | Jul 31, 2018 | GeoLang News

GeoLang are extremely excited to announce our technology partnership with Alfresco.

GeoLang’s Ascema for Alfresco Content Services solution offers elegant, simple content discovery and protection.  Ascema easily discovers, classifies and protects content in a range of enterprise applications; providing initial data discovery services that can assist with locating and classifying data with Alfresco, as well as delivering digital transformation by way of next generation Content Management and Business Process capabilities.

Ascema offers a federated data loss prevention solution both for Alfresco content and content contained within other enterprise applications –providing a federated data loss prevention solution that works across enterprise authorised applications.  For instance, content protected by Ascema in Alfresco content services is also protected across eMail and O365.

The need for the joint solution is being driven by regulatory requirement for example PCI/PII within current regulations and the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  Other regulatory requirements to protect IP and market sensitive data are driven by Market Abuse regulations.

Enterprises are becoming increasingly aware of the threats posed by data breaches and insider threat is finally being recognised as a significant threat at Board level – employees have access to all enterprise crown jewels and often data breaches are as a result of end user error.  Routine scans of endpoints and servers to make sure no data has slipped outside system processes has become a ‘must have’ as opposed to just a would like.

Digital Resilience is the new buzzword as enterprises are increasingly looking at the cost savings of moving to content service solutions and cloud, whilst maintaining security and business continuity in an ever-changing environment.

The goal of today’s process change managers is often with a view to audit and compliance – as driven by regulatory compliance –with business resilience being the ultimate objective. The Business process enhancement opportunity offered by our joint Ascema-Alfresco solution is an opportunity to build in regulatory compliance and competitive advantage into a digitally resilient solution.

So where is the pain? Initially the pain is felt when enterprises start to look at the digital transformation processes and realise that they have tons of data everywhere – and, perhaps the even bigger issue, not knowing what it is or where it resides. Realisation dawns that they are not in control of their data and it is perceived to be a mammoth task.  This undoubtedly contributes to digital transformation processes being delayed or even scrapped whilst the bigger data discovery problem is dealt with.  And that is where we come in with our initial data discovery tools for endpoints and servers coupled with data loss prevention and automated classification.

End user education and training is also a regulatory requirement as many regulations now require proof that the end user is being monitored and protected within their day-to-day work flows and we achieve this with a combination of feedback mechanisms, including those offered within the Alfresco platform itself.

Our joint solution offers quick gains in terms of identifying data and its location, offering a federated data loss prevention solution coupled with the business process enhancement that ultimately delivers cost savings, competitive advantage and business resilience.

We do this is by offering content discovery tools coupled with real time protection and automated classification.

Ascema for Alfresco Unique Selling Points (USPs) are granular data discovery, real time content control and simplicity of deployment and use. An elegant and simple solution for today’s forward thinking Change Managers.

In short, the Ascema-Alfresco partnership places first stage data discovery, data control, end user training and interaction, audit, compliance and resilience tools elegantly and simply into the hands of the enterprise; the result being business process enhancement supported by granular content protection – all bundled into a digitally resilient solution.

Ascema for Alfresco Content Services offers a modern, open and integrated content protection solution that elegantly integrates with other business applications, such as O365 and eMail, providing a federated content and DLP solution.

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