GeoLang Launches Sensitive Data Discovery Scan-as-a-Service

by Nick Evans | Oct 08, 2019 | GeoLang News

GeoLang Ltd, a Shearwater Group plc Company, has announced the latest addition to its Ascema Sensitive Data Discovery technology platform: Scan-as-a-Service.

Aimed at businesses that need to know where their data resides, whilst validating the importance of sensitive data discovery, the solution performs a one-off passive scan to locate sensitive data across any digital estate. It then creates a ‘HERO Report’, to support both compliance and remedial action plans – including recommendations for staff training and policy building.

As compliance agendas across industry and government departments tighten, and data is increasingly recognised as the true lifeblood of modern organisations, businesses are facing ever-increasing pressure to locate, manage and protect their most vital information. However, the Information Commissioner’s Office (the regulator overseeing GDPR enforcement) has estimated that 91% of organisations would fail to fulfil a simple Subject Access Request (SAR) within the required timeframe, which is enough to attract a sizeable fine under the recent regulation.

Why is this? Partly, it’s the absence of an effective sensitive data search tool within a business, and the lack of capability to interpret and act on the results.

Such a solution can be costly and difficult to secure board-level buy-in and funding, which is why GeoLang has launched a one-time Scan-as-a-Service version of its Ascema Sensitive Data Discovery solution. Using built-in machine learning algorithms, it will search, locate and audit unstructured sensitive data across a multitude of data repositories – including endpoints, servers, external drives, cloud applications (such as Office 365) and cloud storage. This includes Personally Identifiable (PII), Payment Card Industry (PCI), Intellectual Property (IP), HIPAA, and GDPR-related information.

It will then generate an executive summary ‘HERO’ Report, providing organisations with a dynamic overview of their data, their current risk profile, the potential value of that risk, and how much of that risk has been mitigated. GeoLang consultants will augment the dynamic report with ‘work packages’, detailing key findings and recommended actions for remediation – including training and policies.

The aim is to significantly reduce costly overheads and time-to-action, supporting IT security departments with often limited resources, to deploy and manage a fully-fledged data discovery service. It also creates an opportunity to automate inform, guide and train end users on appropriate data use and remediation options when matches are found.

Dr Debbie Garside, GeoLang CEO and Group Chief Innovation Scientist at Shearwater Group plc, commented: “One of the biggest problems facing organisations today is the sensitive data issue, coupled with a lack of both technical and human resources to deal with the problem. GeoLang’s One-Off Sensitive Data Discovery Scan offers an affordable, elegant and simple managed service solution – with the added benefit of reporting the return on investment, and helping build business cases for further resources and digital transformation projects.”

About GeoLang

GeoLang, as part of the Shearwater Group plc, is a UK based cyber security solution provider whose award winning Ascema platform provides an easily deployed next generation Sensitive Data Discovery, DLP and Classification solution.

With the unique ability to protect, detect and remediate at a True Content level on premise, across cloud-based services and beyond, organisations can now gain real value from open collaboration and information sharing without the fear of losing control of their high value information.

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