GeoLang awarded place on G-Cloud 11 framework

by Nick Evans | Jul 02, 2019 | GeoLang News

Team GeoLang are extremely delighted to announce that, for the third consecutive time in a row, we have been awarded a place on the Crown Commercial Service Government Cloud (“G-Cloud”) framework – this time for G-Cloud 11 – for our Ascema Data Loss Prevention, Data Discovery and Automated Classification solutions.

G-Cloud 11 – a government initiative targeted at easing procurement for public-sector bodies, including Central Government, local councils, and NHS Trusts, in purchasing cloud-based services more quickly and efficiently than traditional procurement methods – supports the UK government’s ‘cloud first’ strategy in encouraging organisations to evaluate such cloud offerings before considering on-premise alternatives.

Since its inception, the framework has amassed over £4bn worth of sales through the Digital Marketplace – with the majority of business coming from Central Government (81 percent), as well as the wider public sector (19 percent).

Following on from our success under G-Cloud 9 and 10 respectively, wherein we successfully delivered our innovative Ascema Data Discovery solution to an NHS Trust, we are pleased to continue offering our platform of award-winning data security tools to help organisations discover, classify and protect their most critical information.

Dr Debbie Garside, Chief Executive Officer of GeoLang and Chief Innovation Scientist for the wider Shearwater Group plc, commented: “Having been a part of G-Cloud for several years, we are extremely delighted to have once again been awarded a place on the 11th iteration of framework! It truly is a testament to the strength and fidelity of our technologies; with data or, more specifically, the discovery and protection of our data – which has become increasingly vital to our society and business – there is a real market need within the public sector”.

GeoLang, as part of the Shearwater Group plc, will offer 4 services – and, collectively with the wider Group, 17 services in total – across both the cloud software and cloud support lots of the latest framework.

Find out more about our full range of G-Cloud 11 services by viewing our listings on the new Digital Marketplace.

Download a free 30-day trial of Ascema Data Discovery on our website here.

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