Data Protection Challenges

Use cases where GeoLang can increase your data visibility and control

Data Protection Solutions

Getting to grips with key data protection challenges

These challenges are familiar, but with limited resources how can you start to meet them?

> Ensure compliance with data privacy regulations to safeguard consumer and customer data, with the risk of substantial fines if an external or internal data breach takes place.

> Manage and protect data in an increasingly digital world, with ever-increasing amounts of data, held in numerous different data repositories, on premise, in the cloud and on different devices.

> Keeping employees updated and aware of the risk of security breaches and how to handle sensitive data reducing the chance of a data breach.

> The need to protect the public’s data against misuse and data breaches wherever that data is held and give access to it when required.

Read on to find out how GeoLang data discovery tools solve a range of diverse challenges cost-effectively and efficiently, reduce risk and give customers confidence that their data is being protected.

Key data protection challenges

Cyber security solutions

Compliance >

Discover your data to ensure compliance under regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA and CCPA

Cyber security solutions

Transformation >

Locate and extract data ready for cloud migration and other transformation projects, to avoid escalating unseen compliance issues

Cyber security solutions

Data Awareness >

Help employees manage data better with real-time alerts triggered based on company policy

Data protection solutions

Data Subject Access
Requests (DSARs) >

With a 66% increase in DSARs, we minimise the time it takes to identify the data being stored on an individual and the time it takes to respond

* UK Data Protection Index Report, September 2021.

Regulatory compliance

Reduce the risk of compliance infringements with complete data visibility

Knowing exactly where all your data is across the organisation or business is a key data protection challenge that affects your ability to meet regulatory requirements. This is crucial to address with data protection regulations, such as GDPR, enforcing potential maximum fines of up to 4% of annual global turnover for data privacy infringements. However, the different types of applications and data (structured and unstructured) you need to store mean it is becoming increasingly challenging to keep track of data everywhere, across all storage and devices.

GeoLang Data Discovery tools make compliance easier and reduce risk, by discovering all the data you have, wherever it resides. Once discovered you can create the policies you need to control and protect it and comply to regulations such as GDPR, PII, PCI, HIPAA, etc.

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Data Protection Challenges

Data Protection Challenges

Digital transformation and data protection in the cloud

How can you safely migrate and track sensitive data in the cloud?

Digital transformation, with increased amounts of information to handle and the move to the cloud, can add more complexity and difficulty to the management and protection of your sensitive data. At least, it can seem that way. By using data discovery tools you can tackle this data protection challenge and keep on top of growing amounts of information and execute digital transformation projects safely and effectively.

GeoLang Data Discovery tools can be used as the first step in understanding the sensitive data you have on premise, across your entire digital estate (servers, laptops, network shares, on premise and cloud solutions), and then used to track data once it has been moved to the cloud or other storage.

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Continuous data protection awareness

Improve your employees’ awareness and use of sensitive data

You have data security policies in place, but if they are unclear or hard to follow employees are inclined to ignore or work around them which provides a significant data protection challenge. It is now considered essential to provide employees with regular cyber security awareness training to clarify policies and keep users aware of the consequences of data breaches. But, even with the right training, we are all human and open to making errors. So, how can you be sure that data is being handled correctly?

To bolster cyber security awareness training and reduce the risk of data misuse, GeoLang Data Discovery can discover any sensitive data held across your company and alert your employees in real-time when they are storing it. GeoLang Data Discovery makes it simple for users to remediate data issues themselves without calling on data security specialists to handle each individual security alert.

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Data Protection Challenges

Data Protection Challenges

Data subject access requests (DSARs)

Can you respond to data privacy DSAR and Right to be Forgotten requests rapidly?

Fulfilling a data subject access request (DSAR) can be a resource-hungry process, especially for companies with large amounts of data held in different databases, file servers, cloud storage and across many different endpoints. To comply, you need to extract and prove that you have looked for the personal information across all of the data you hold, and respond in a short timeframe (30-days in the case of GDPR).

GeoLang Data Discovery tools enable you to overcome this data protection challenge and respond to DSARs quickly and effectively. You can search for personal data with custom and pre-built searches for common personal details, such as addresses, national insurance details, passport/ID numbers and phone numbers. Personal data can then be extracted and forwarded to the requester and deleted for right to be forgotten requests.

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