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Sensitive data detection to simply manage your risk profile

Data Protection Solutions

Quickly find data across your business with GeoLang Data Discovery Tools

GeoLang data discovery tools enable you to quickly discover sensitive data and confidential information wherever it resides across your business.

Sensitive data detection:

  • On-premise or in the cloud
  • On endpoints, servers, network file shares
  • In collaborative workplace software and unstructured data such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Atlassian (Confluence, Jira, Bitbucket) and Alfresco

Discover what data your business is storing and understand your current risk profile and how those risks are being managed through an intuitive management console, without the need for lengthy manual searches.

Available for a wide range of operating systems, servers and endpoints and integrated with leading applications.

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Complete data visibility that is easy and fast to deploy.

Data Discovery Tools

Discover, extract, analyse and migrate data quickly and efficiently

Data Discovery

Data Discovery Tools

Discover Data

  • Ready-to-go default pre-determined search patterns
  • Easily input bespoke search terms and ‘find files similar to’ function
  • User-defined rules with three simple clicks
  • Searches unstructured datasets stored in over 200+ formats

Data Extraction

Data Discovery Tools

Extract Data

  • Automatic data extraction to analyse data risk
  • Create user-friendly reports dynamically
  • Quickly collate dispersed data into a central data repository
  • Extract data in HTML, CSV, XSLX

Data Migration

Data Discovery Tools

Migrate Data

  • Discover and extract data ready for cloud migration
  • Identify any compliance issues before migrating
  • Keep cloud costs low and don’t pay for data you don’t need there

Regulatory compliance and data security

Sensitive Data Detection

How can you be sure where your sensitive data resides, reassure customers that their data will not be compromised, and meet DSAR requests in 30 days? With data held across the organisation it can be a real challenge.

GeoLang Data Discovery tools detect sensitive data across multiple data repositories in just one platform, with:

  • Automated search for Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Payment Card Information (PCI), health records to comply with HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, etc.
  • The flexibility to handle bespoke rule sets and complex queries using Compound Search.

Ensure compliance and speed up GDPR Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) and Right-to-be-Forgotten requests

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Data Discovery Tools

High-Value Information Detection

Set up rules to discover and protect valuable commercial information, such as Intellectual Property (IP), patents, source code, and other corporate know-how.

Continuous sensitive data detection and real-time remediation

Sensitive Data Detection

GeoLang data discovery tools alert the data end-user in real-time when sensitive data is discovered and provides a simple interface for the user to remediate any issues with the data themselves.

With thousands of alerts and logs generated by data security solutions, end-user remediation reduces the need for data security specialists to look into each individual alert – turning the employee into an active member of the data security team. Highly automated workflow supports end-user remediation and enables administrator-led quarantine and delete options.

Real-time data alerts ensure that your company is adhering to data compliance and are a constant reminder to staff of the importance of data protection.

Evaluating your risk profile with GeoLang data discovery tools

In addition to real-time user alerts, GeoLang Data Discovery tools provide reporting to evaluate your organisation’s risk profile, showing instances of sensitive data detection and resolution, and any outstanding data issues, over a defined period.

The Risk Profile summary displays the estimated value of data issues which have been found, resolved or are still outstanding, so that you can build a picture of the risk and return on investment to build a business case for resolving issues and resource management.

The ‘Risk Report’ can be configured and run periodically, as a dynamic report, PDF or editable format for distribution to managers. User-friendly dashboards are also available in one central location.

Sensitive Data Detection
Sensitive Data Detection

Patented technology for thorough content-level understanding

Sensitive Data Detection

GeoLang Data Discovery uses patented fingerprinting, base classification and machine learning algorithms to deliver a comprehensive understanding of data in real-time across your full digital estate.

The platform is designed to support everyday workflows and performs searches transparently, leaving end-users uninterrupted, and free to carry on day-to-day business.

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Integration options

GeoLang Data Discovery is integrated with a wide range of popular and approved enterprise connectors.

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Data Discovery Tools

“Deployed on a Windows server, I set it to work and within a few hours my scan had completed and I had my reports.”

Rob Batters, Director of Managed & Technical Ser vices, Northdoor Plc

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