GeoLang Data Discovery for
Atlassian Confluence, Jira and Bitbucket

Sensitive data discovery for your Atlassian environments

Data Protection Solutions

Discover unstructured sensitive and high-value data in Atlassian Confluence, Jira and Bitbucket

With the GeoLang Data Discovery platform, you can identify data across your entire digital estate, including collaborative workplace environments such as Atlassian Confluence, Jira and Bitbucket.

Sensitive data discovery can be performed on unstructured data in Atlassian solutions – Cloud, Data Center or Server.

  Locate your data ready for migrating to the cloud
  Create your own custom searches to find high-value corporate information, such as Intellectual Property, source code, patents, etc.
  Scan Bitbucket repositories to identify and protect intellectual property, Jira for sensitive data in issues and understand what data is being shared in Confluence

Sensitive Data Discovery

Seamless integration, easily deployed

The GeoLang Data Discovery platform integrates seamlessly with Atlassian Confluence, Jira and Bitbucket, using Atlassian APIs. A lightweight client/server solution, it is easy and quick to deploy using your own software processes. GeoLang Data Discovery also integrates with your current active directory, reducing the need to create duplicate accounts for user authentication.

Deploying GeoLang Data Discovery requires just two IT resources – The GeoLang manager and the Endpoint Agent

Sensitive Data Discovery

GeoLang Manager

The interface is used to manage search, devices, users, licenses, etc.

Sensitive Data Discovery

Endpoint Agent

Installed on devices you will be searching within Atlassian Confluence, Jira or Bitbucket

User-friendly management and powerful reporting

With the intuitive user-friendly dashboard and automated data extraction, sensitive data discovery is simple. You can easily review and collate data for analysis and dynamically create RISK reports for management review.

Unstructured data can be searched and extracted to a central repository in a variety of different formations, including HTML, CSV, and XLSX, and exported to SIEM.

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Sensitive Data Discovery
Sensitive Data Discovery

Complete data visibility to support regulatory compliance and DSAR requests

The GeoLang Data Discovery platform is key in providing support for regulatory compliance and DSAR requests. For example, if a GDPR Right-to-be-Forgotten request is received, GeoLang Data Discovery can be used to identify where the sensitive data is held and notify data protection officer, content space holder, administrator or anyone else that needs to be notified.

Once the sensitive data is deleted, GeoLang Data Discovery is used to re-check that the content has been removed. This provides proof that actions have been carried out and the risk to the company eliminated.

Scaling from small, one-off data projects
to the biggest data challenges

GeoLang Data Discovery can be used in a range of applications requiring data visibility – from meeting specific data compliance requests and small data projects to large corporate-wide data challenges.

Sensitive Data Discovery


Sensitive Data Discovery


Sensitive Data Discovery

to the Cloud

Sensitive Data Discovery

Data Subject
Access Requests

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