Ascema Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is one of the fastest growing IT requirements. Garter estimated an 80% increase in businesses deploying DLP in 2018. It is estimated that up to 50% of data leakages are employee “accidental errors.” We want to fix this.

GeoLang’s Ascema is an information access security and data loss prevention platform. It has been centred on the provision of a highly automated, easy to deploy system for classification and real-time protection of enterprise IP and sensitive data, at a level of granularity previously unseen. A seamless and transparent end user and enterprise experience designed to support everyday workflows in real time.



We use the highest level of granularity via content fingerprinting.



No more costly databases. Instead, irreversible fingerprints are indexed in the Ascema vault.


Auto Classification

Matching new content to existing data fingerprints means Ascema can classify sensitive data as its created.



You can configure any level of enforcement, from passive record only to full quarantine; all in real time.


Content Level Protection.

Ascema introduces the next generation data loss prevention (DLP) solution by protecting your documents at true content level. Ascema uses content fingerprinting. This means that that protection is still enforced regardless of whether users change the file type, cut snippets out or recreate with separate applications. There is no reliance on document tagging or database management, so you can deliver enterprise-level solution without the extensive overheads. When users create new content, Ascema DLP can automatically pattern match to existing content across your approved application, and apply the appropriate classification – meaning that data is classified and protected in real time.


Policy Enforcement

Tracking, reporting and enforcing data policies can be done automatically, with the ability for each data classification to easily have its own remediation. In conjunction with automatically applied policies, users can manually classify and protect data with three clicks.


Real-Time Intelligence

True content level protection enables us to detect data usage as it happens, and  enforce policies automatically. Ascema matches documents as they are moving, enforcing policies with no need for intervention.


Data Reporting

Granular reporting allows in-depth knowledge of who has what data on your network. Machines learning data analytics can highlight unusual data sharing within a network instantly, pinpointing the exact data details.


Automatically federate your Data Loss Prevention.

Businesses today must balance data security with the need to enable employees to share, collaborate and grow the business. This includes using different applications to move sensitive data around, internally and externally. With Ascema Data Loss Prevention, you can now automatically federate your DLP solution to the approved enterprise application.