Assess and Remediate Data Risks

across your entire digital estate – Discover, Classify and Protect

Ascema sensitive data discovery and extraction offers an elegant and simple to deploy and use solution to conduct risk assessments, find and remediate sensitive data and support compliance processes including data subject access requests (DSARs).

Integrated with popular and approved enterprise connectors, including:

Windows Server Powerpoint Office365 Exchange Azure Alfresco AWS Confluence G Suite Google Cloud Windows IBMi2 IBMRadar splunk ArcSight Titus Boldon James

Operates across Windows, Macs and Linux

On premise, hybrid and in the cloud

Windows Mac Linux

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I deploy Ascema?

Our platform integrates directly with your SaaS and data infrastructure products (e.g. O365, Confluence, Exchange) via their native APIs. For on premise risk assessment and remediation the Ascema Endpoint Agent can be installed on Windows, Mac or Linux servers or PCs/laptops as simple as pushing out an MSI file. Agents can also be installed on cloud servers including S3 buckets.

How long does it take to deploy?

For most systems it takes just a few minutes to deploy. Because Ascema is cloud-native and integrates directly via API, customers are typically up and running within a few minutes or half an hour. For SaaS apps like O365, Confluence, and Alfresco, there’s no additional configuration or setup required beyond switching on the connectors. If you would like to extend the capability to endpoints and servers, it is as simple as pushing out an MSI file. Compare this to traditional endpoint or network-based tools that often take weeks to install.

What risk assessment reporting options are available?

Generated at the touch of a button, the high-level Data Discovery Executive Summary (‘HERO Report’) provides configurable and periodic reporting on risk assessment and risk mitigation; as a dynamic report but also available in PDF or editable format for distribution to managers. User-friendly dashboards are also available in one central location.

How does Ascema Sensitive Data Discovery actually work?

Ascema discovers data and assesses your risk across your digital estate – on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid. Ascema integrates with cloud services via API and/or via agents for endpoints and servers. You can decide which services you wish to connect to. The Ascema Manager is hosted on prem or in the cloud on your servers, so you are always in control of your data – nothing is shared with us. For larger organisations, an enterprise architecture with sub-managers covers multiple locations and jurisdictions.

How does Ascema help with compliance and risk assessments?

Pre-defined and bespoke rule sets, including GDPR, PCI, or HIPAA are supported along with granular regular expressions, keyword lists and compound queries. Ascema searches unstructured datasets stored in over 200+ formats across your digital estate. Our “find files similar to” function means you can quickly build repositories from dispersed enterprise data. Highly automated remediation processes mean we are not another tool simply reporting to a SIEM infrastructure

How does Ascema mitigate data risk?

Empowering the data owner in a highly automated remediation process is the key to successfully mitigating risk. Ascema’s highly automated workflow supports end user remediation and compliance training as well as administrator lead quarantine and delete options. Ascema also detects and visibly classifies sensitive data in Alfresco, O365 and Atlassian Confluence to support both end user education and data loss prevention.

Can I conduct real-time searches?

Ascema discovers, extracts and protects sensitive and regulated data both at rest and in real-time. The Real-time Protection feature within the system allows users to manage the movement of their sensitive data in transit, alerting the end user and system administrator in real time. Ascema can also be used for forensics.