9 Cyber Security Startups Worth Watching

by Nick Evans | Nov 03, 2016 | Articles

Cyber security is more and more important these days as just about everything moves online. The more integrated everything becomes with the internet, the more there is to keep safe, and the harder people will try to get into your system or intercept your data. The harder people try to get into your system, the stronger your security needs to be. And the stronger security gets, the more dynamic it becomes, the safer it keeps people’s stuff and things and whatnot, the harder the naughty people will try – and the smarter they will get about it. It’s an exhausting loop that will never end, so it’s lucky we have so many cyber security startups working tirelessly to keep our information safe.


Welsh startup GeoLang experienced early success when they were commissioned by Jaguar Land Rover to solve intellectual-property-related data loss prevention problems. It’s product, Ascema, keeps data safe when it is open to sharing and editing by multiple employees. It can be integrated with a variety of existing web applications (such as Google Docs), and can detect unusual behaviour in real time.

Originally published in Startucus: https://startacus.net/culture/9-cyber-security-startups-worth-watching#.W41GBKdKiUn