Innovation can be found far beyond just companies in software and hardware, but in a wide range of sectors including advanced manufacturing, life sciences and financial services.

And here are 35 great tech focused firms in Wales, from established companies going through new exciting technology-driven growth phases to high-growth potential start-ups.


Cardiff-based GeoLang is software development company specialising in the cyber security and business resilience market.

It offer users advanced, content-aware information management solutions, to help businesses and organisations manage and protect its sensitive and high-value information across all data networks.

Established by its chief executive Dr Debbie Garside, it was acquired earlier this year by Alternative Investment Market listed Shearwater Group; a deal which provides the business with more financial muscle to growth.


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Proud to be a British company


Geolang is open and operating, as usual, having implemented its own firm’s business continuity arrangements, and is here to assist companies requiring assistance with areas of its business that may be under strain due to the current circumstances. We are available to provide advisory support to help navigate the challenges of the new ways of working and are determined to continue to deliver the quality of services that we have become renowned for, through the use of remote working tools, smart applications and engagement with clients.