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The Inside Job

It’s not just protecting the infrastructure from external hackers, there’s also a need to ensure that an organisation’s own staff are not compromising the integrity of the company – either deliberately or accidentally. Debbie Garside is CEO of GeoLang, a company that works to enhance protection in the cloud and hybrid / on premise infrastructure. In particular, the company looks at how to prevent high value information being shared or leaked inappropriately based on the sensitivity of the content itself. Furthermore, should that content move off-premise through email correspondence or cloud based applications then the risk becomes even greater in meeting operational, jurisdictional and regulatory obligations. The question many organisations need to ask, she says, is how to prevent high value information being used inappropriately as it moves through and beyond the firewall. Every business should consider its attitude to risk, which may vary considerably for different applications and sources of data. She explains that this problem of protection has only really come about since the rise of cloud services such as Box. They’re useful for the user but really do cause problems for CIOs. The reason it has become such an issue is that collaboration is the name of the game now. That’s greater co-operation between businesses and their partners, suppliers and customers and software is often the medium for that communication. And specifically, cloud-based software, in this era, is the choice for many businesses.

Originally published in Trend Micro.

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