Data protection solutions

to identify and minimise your data risk

Data Protection Solutions

Understand and manage your critical data, wherever it resides

Our data protection solutions help you understand your data posture quickly and simply by locating sensitive and high-value critical data wherever it resides across your digital estate – in the cloud, on-premise, in both and on user devices.

We help you meet regulatory compliance requirements, identify and extract data for digital transformation projects and ensure that your organisation and employees comply with your data management policies in real-time.

GeoLang – The data discovery company

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Data protection solutions

Increase data visibility and control

Data protection solutions

Compliance >

Discover your data to ensure compliance under regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA and CCPA

Data protection solutions

Transformation >

Locate and extract data ready for cloud migration and other transformation projects, to avoid escalating unseen compliance issues

Data protection solutions

Data Awareness >

Help employees manage data better with real-time alerts triggered based on company policy

Data protection solutions

Data Subject Access
Requests (DSARs) >

With a 66% increase in DSARs*, we minimise the time it takes to identify the data being stored on an individual and the time it takes to respond

* UK Data Protection Index Report, September 2021.

Are you able to keep track of your sensitive data
and confidential information?

In our interconnected world, with increasing amounts of data everywhere, it is becoming more and more time-consuming and difficult to manage and protect data. The first challenge for many organisations is to know where all their data resides, across their entire digital estate, so that compliance requests can be fulfilled, threats to intellectual property can be mitigated and data can be successfully migrated to the cloud. GeoLang data protection solutions allow you quick insight into where your sensitive data is held.

GeoLang Data Protection Solutions

Quickly understand your current risk profile and how risks are being managed

Data protection solutions

Data Discovery

Data protection solutions

Data Extraction

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GeoLang Data Discovery gives complete visibility of sensitive data and confidential information across your digital estate – wherever it resides.

Discover data on-premise or in the cloud, on endpoints, servers and network file shares, in unstructured data and collaborative workplaces.

Fast to deploy, easy to use

A wide range of integration options

GeoLang Data Discovery is integrated with a whole host of applications, making data discovery easy across the whole organisation.

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Data protection solutions

What our customers say…

The GeoLang Data Discovery tool virtually detected every unstructured file type I could throw at it; but beyond that, the installation – a simple Manager/Endpoint Agent deployment – was incredibly straightforward and effective.

Rob Batters,
Director of Managed & Technical Services, 
Northdoor Plc

We identified that we had limited visibility of PCI and PII within our own repositories. We now have the ability to audit and monitor our data across not only Alfresco repositories but all of our digital estate including servers and endpoints with subject access and right to be forgotten requests easily facilitated via the GeoLang platform.

IT Director,

GeoLang’s solution is very relevant, and very now.

Senior Security Lead,
Tata Consulting Ser vices.

GeoLang Customers

Shearwater Group plc

GeoLang was founded in 2006, has been part of the Shearwater Group plc since 2018 and is listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM.

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Data protection solutions

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